• Urban Agriculture

    Posted on September 19, 2012 by Lucas Thompson in Uncategorized.

    Branch Out Cider is an effort to bring value to the urban apples trees in Northern Colorado.  Once these apples trees provided sustenance for the home owner that planted it.  Often cider served as a potable liquid where clean water was unavailable.

    Trees were certainly planted in orchards a century ago, but they were also planted as a part of your homestead.  Find a plot of land, build your home, …plant your apple tree. It was a given.

    Urban environments have so much potential for agriculture if we choose to use them that way.  How we choose to use the property we have for our homes is a hot topic these days.

    For example, if we are going to go to the trouble of watering a lawn, why not share some of the water to sustain an apple tree.  Better yet, how about planting multiple fruit trees to provide shade to your home and yard while raising a commodity we now ship in from New Zealand.

    Agriculture and entrepreneurism are slowly permeating the urban environment.  From renting our your backyard to farm share or building cold frames… people are trying to use their living space for recreation and business.  It makes senses. We’re eliminating the unnecessary transportation (and added expense) of food by putting a portion of our land back into agriculture.

    Branch Out Cider is proud to be a small contributor to urban agriculture through our effort to bring value to the many apples trees of Northern Colorado.

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