Consent for Use of Testimonial

This signed consent confirms your agreement by which Branch Out Cider, LLC has the right to use your testimonials, which may include the following:  (1) your personal testimonial, whole or in part, regarding services received, products, and customer service; (2) narrative, photo, or video about owned fruit tree, or any other appropriate comments; and (3) your first name, last initial, and city and state in which you live.  (Hereinafter collectively referred to as “Testimonials”.)  You hereby agree as follows:

  1. You hereby grant Branch Out Cider, LLC. the right to use the Testimonials, without any expectation of compensation therefor.
  2. The Testimonials may appear in connection with:: (1) the business website,; (2) publications for the business related to advertising, marketing, information and education, or any other publication Branch Out Cider, LLC may deem useful and appropriate; (3) all electronic and print media (i.e. CD-ROM, video, pamphlets, mailings, etc.); and product labeling.
  3. You hereby agree that you are 18 years of age or older.
  4. You hereby release Branch Out Cider, LLC from any claims and expenses arising from the use of your Testimonial as herein specified.

By signing this Consent Form you are acknowledging your consent to the terms noted above.

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