• Summit Hard Cider to Purchase Branch Out Cider Product Line

    Posted on May 13, 2016 by Lucas Thompson in Uncategorized.

    WebsiteHeaderCommunity Orchard of Northern Colorado under Leadership of Jennifer Seiwald

    Fort Collins, Colorado:  Summit Hard Cider (Scrumpy’s) of Fort Collins is pleased to announce the purchase of the Branch Out Cider product line and their innovative Community Orchard.  Summit Hard Cider is committed to upholding the grassroots ethic of the Community Orchard—a neighborhood based orchard of almost 300 homeowners that contribute apples to this collaborative cider.

    “We are tremendously excited to collaborate with the our community to supply this truly local cider.  Branch Out Cider is a community asset and we look forward to continue this extraordinary model of apple production from our neighbors, “ stated Jennifer Seiwald of Summit Hard Cider.

    Branch Out Cider’s entire product line of 100% locally-sourced ciders will now be produced by Summit Hard City including the award-winning cider, Perennial—a truly collaborative blend of all apples collected from the local tree owners made annually (vintage).

    Branch Out Cider started in 2012 by Matt Fater and Aaron Fodge of Fort Collins after winning second prize in the University of Northern Colorado Entrepreneurial Challenge.  Branch Out Cider achieved national recognition for their Community Orchard culminating in their selection as Best Fruit Wine in the 2014 Colorado Governor’s Cup.  Their ciders are four-time medalists in the Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition (http://glintcap.org/results/commercial/medalists/branch-out-cider/).

    “Jennifer is committed to growing cider in Northern Colorado.  She has the passion and gumption to foster the almost 300 homeowners in the Community Orchard and promote success.  I am confident she will take it to new heights,” explained Aaron Fodge, Co-Owner of Branch Out Cider.

    For more information about the purchase, please visit www.scrumpys.net or call 970-682-1944.

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